OHSU Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K)

Open Educational Resources (OERs) Project

Welcome to our beta site and modules! This website and the modules are under development and we welcome any feedback on this website and on the individual modules.


A list of modules developed for the project are listed here. The first group of modules are the completed courses. The second group of modules are still in development.

All of the completed modules are also available in our github repository github octocat silhouette

Available Modules

Clicking on the title of module will present a brief overview of the module. Below the overview, clicking on the "view" button will allow you to see the various parts of the module, sample the modules, or download pieces of the topic.

Still Under Development

These modules have yet to be finalized, but will be soon made available.

  • BDK13
    Data and tools landscape
  • BDK23
    Terminology of Biomedical, Clinical, and Translational Research
  • BDK24
    Computing Concepts for Big Data
  • BDK25
    Data modeling
  • BDK26
    Semantic Web data
  • BDK27
    Context-based selection of data
  • BDK28
    Translating the Question
  • BDK29
    Implications of Provenance and Pre-processing
  • BDK30
    Data tells a story
  • BDK31
    Statistical Significance, P-hacking and Multiple-testing
  • BDK32
    Displaying Confidence and Uncertainty