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Data and Donuts - Participant Guide

This participant guide was created as part of a free workshop given over two days. The main audience for the workshop were summer interns, either still in undergraduate studies or at the post undergarduate level.

Download the participant guide:

  • Learning Objectives

    After this course, the learner should be able to:

    • - Understand the diversity of data and begin to understand the issues with data reuse
    • - Apply best practices for creating a file directory and naming your files
    • - Understand what version control is and when and how you should use it
    • - Apply best practices for data backup and storage
    • - When your manuscript is accepted to Cell (or some other awesome journal), you will know how to make your methods section is structured, transparent, and accessible
    • - When you graduate/leave the lab, ensure your data is findable and reusable by your lab mates and others

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