OHSU Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K)

Open Educational Resources (OERs) Project

This website and the modules housed on this domain are now in an archival state. For more active, community-based development, the OERs have moved to a github repository github octocat silhouette.


The goal of this project is to develop open educational resources (OERs) for use in courses, programs, workshops, and related activities as part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Program. The materials will be focused on those needing to learn at the advanced introductory level, including but not limited to beginning informatics graduate students, established investigators and senior trainees seeking to learn more about data science to expand their research programs, advanced undergraduates exploring future career paths into data science, as well as a variety of established professionals who need to understand and apply knowledge of the application of BD2K concepts in their present jobs. Examples of the latter include university administrators, librarians, public health practitioners, clinician leaders, and computer scientists.


The specific aims of this project include:

  • Develop and disseminate curricular materials on Big Data-related topics at the advanced introductory level using the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) curriculum format.
  • Base development on a needs assessment of a wide variety of categories of potential BD2K users.
  • Build a community of users and groups of users of the materials who will participate in evaluation and provide other feedback.
  • Carry out the cycle of needs assessment, development and dissemination, and evaluation over two cycles during the three years of the project.


The project is developing materials based on a list of topics, informed in part by a needs assessment we carried out with Oregon undergraduate colleges and universities in early 2015.

The content developed will integrate with and extend the highly successful ONC Health IT Curriculum materials. OHSU and four other universities led the development of those materials. OHSU also was funded to lead the ONC National Training and Dissemination Center (NTDC) that provided technical support and training as well as disseminated the content.

The value of using the ONC Health IT Curriculum approach includes:

  • An open format that provides both “out of the box” content as well as the source materials for that content.
  • The ability to integrate content from the new BD2K to extend the ONC curriculum, such as structure and function of the health care system, basic computer and information science, standards and interoperability, electronic health records, and project management and leadership.
  • Building forward on the foundation of the ONC materials to emphasize the value of big data and analytical approaches in clinical and translational research.
  • Drawing on the experience and leadership of OHSU and others who contributed to developing, evaluating, and disseminating the curricular content.