BMI 5/625, Spring 2023



After each lab, you will submit your completed writeup on Sakai. The labs themselves typically follow a general pattern of “follow along, and then extend on your own”. It is entirely possible just to blindly run the code in the lab notebook files; I strongly suggest that you do not do this. Instead, treat the lab instructions as a suggested path, but do make sure to explore on your own. Is one of the parts using an R function or technique that is new to you? Try changing it, and see if you can figure out how it works. The plots in the lab are meant to be starting points: change axes, labels, colors, etc.

Lab submissions will be graded pass/fail- as long as you upload something showing evidence of having worked through the lab (including completing any challenges, extra questions, etc.), you’ll pass, even if you weren’t able to get everything to work. That said, I expect all of you to be proactive in seeking help, either directly by asking about it during our lab sessions, or via the Sakai forums. Don’t worry if you get stuck, we are here to figure things out together!


We will have several additional small- to medium-sized assignments through the term, the details of which will be in Sakai.

KWLA Essay

As we progress through the term, you will be working on a “KWLA” paper:

Tip: keep notes for the “L” and “A” sections throughout the class!

Due dates:

Note that these are not intended to be research papers; they are meant to be personal essays. If you are unclear about the difference, the Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab has a useful set of resources about different types of writing assignments. Also, please feel free to come to office hours to discuss or anything else relating to the class.

Final Project: Portfolio Site & Final Visualization

You will prepare a professional portfolio site containing the various end products of the assignments. Additionally, you will assemble an additional final visualization on the dataset of your choice, which you will include in the portfolio and present (briefly) in class during the last week. See the full details about the project.

Due date: Jun. 16, plus a short in-class presentation during the week of 6/5-6/9.