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Sleep Research Network
Sleep Research Network


Sleep and circadian rhythms play a crucial role in health and disease – from obesity, diabetes, and heart disease to learning, memory, and safety. Sleep medicine is, by its very nature, multidisciplinary and we have made tremendous strides in sleep and circadian therapeutics as well, which span the full range from devices to medications to behavioral interventions.

In 2009, the Sleep Research Network  was established to promote sustainable multi-institutional collaborations in clinical and translational research that address significant public health questions in sleep medicine and circadian biology, while also attracting and supporting the training of the next generation of sleep medicine investigators.  We address our goals through an annual meeting, network communications and project development, collaborative grant applications, and mentoring the next generation of sleep medicine researchers.

The current focus of the SRN is establishing priority areas in sleep medicine and making network resources accessible (biobanks, databases, etc.) to investigators as they collaborate on the creation and implementation of multidisciplinary projects in the core areas of genetics, clinical trials and outcomes, and public policy issues.

"Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”
-Thomas Dekker-