We are planning to launch the next offering of this course in October 2017. Please check back to this site in mid to late September 2017 for further details.

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) will continue to offer this free continuing education course, Update in Health Information Technology: Healthcare Data Analytics, to physicians, nurses, other healthcare professionals, and health informatics/IT professionals. This course offered for free funded by a grant from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and will be offered again in October 2017.

Course and Credit

The overall goal of this course is to provide a continuing education update for clinical informatics and health information technology (HIT) professionals on healthcare data analytics. The intended audience is those who have a clinical focus on HIT and desire to learn more about the application of data analytics to clinical settings.

The course material is derived from updated versions of the Health IT Curriculum of the US Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). OHSU was one of the grantees funded to develop the Health IT Curriculum.

The course consists of 14 modules that are estimated to take a total of 18 hours to complete. The course is completely online, and consists of lectures and self-assessment quizzes. (We are not able to offer OHSU academic credit for the course.)

Although the course is open to all healthcare professionals and health informatics/IT professionals, physicians are additionally be able to obtain continuing medical education (CME) credit through OHSU. For physicians certified in the new Clinical Informatics Subspecialty, Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLSA) credits towards American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) Maintenance of Certification Part II (MOC-II) requirements for the subspecialty will also be available.

We are also in the process of securing continuing education credit for nurses, pharmacists, and possibly other health care professions.

Course Topics

The topics covered in the course include:

Click here to view the objectives for these topics.

Registration and Enrollment

When course registration is open again, a link to the registration form will be provided from this page.

After registration, participants will be sent login information to the OHSU Sakai Learning Management System. After completing all of the modules and the self-assessment quizzes, each participant will need to complete the evaluation form. He or she will then be sent via email a PDF Certificate of Completion. (Physicians will additionally be sent certifications for CME or MOC-II credit.) Within the Sakai system, each module will provide an overview of learning objectives, one or more lecture segments (in MP4 format, viewable on both computers and mobile devices), optional additional materials, and a self-assessment quiz of 5-10 multiple-choice questions. (Those seeking CME or MOC-II credit must achieve a correct rate of 70% to pass; each quiz will be able to be taken up to 5 times.)


The OHSU course faculty include: