Systematic Drug Class Review Gold Standard Data

PubMed Identifiers Annotated by Inclusion in Systematic Review

Here is the data used in our research on automated classification of document citations for systematic review of drug classes. If you use any of this data in your published research, I would appreciate you crediting our work by referencing this article:

Cohen AM, Hersh WR, Peterson K, Yen PY. Reducing Workload in Systematic Review Preparation Using Automated Citation Classification. JAMIA 2006: (in press). [pre-print pdf]

  1. Gold standard data file of drug review topics, EndNote ID, PubMed ID, Abstract Triage Status, and Article Triage Status [file].


  2. MEDLINE records corresponding to the PubMedID's in the gold standard data file.


  3. More details are available in the paper referenced above.