Advanced Data After Dark

OHSU BD2K Data Science Workshop

Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology in conjunction with the Library

Instructor: Shannon McWeeney, PhD | Ted Laderas, PhD | Melissa Haendel, PhD | David Dorr, MD, MS | Jackie Wirz, PhD | Nicole Vasilevsky, PhD | Bjorn Pederson, MA

Learning Objectives:

  • Familiarity with data wrangling (structured and unstructured data) utilizing pandas/python
  • Developing interactive visualization tools using R/Shiny
  • Conducting Exploratory Data Analysis to evaluate model assumptions and assess data processing
  • Implementation of machine learning algorithms and evaluation utilizing Kaggle challenge framework
  • Understanding limitations and dependencies of classification algorithms

Schedule for Advanced Data After Dark : May 23rd through 26th, 2016

Location: CLSB 3A003B Tiered Lectural Hall South (map and directions)

Monday, May 23rd : 5 to 7pm

Tuesday, May 24th : 5 to 7pm

  • Data tells a Story: QA/QC
  • EDA and Interactive Visaulzation (Buidling R/Shiny Dashboard) (git clone)git clone link

Wednesday, May 25th : 5 to 7pm

  • Supervised Learning Algorithms (focused - 2) (git clone)git clone link
    Please install the knitr, MASS, and tree packages.

Thursday, May 26th : 5 to 7pm

  • Handle with Care: Caveat and Advice for Machine Learning, Dimensionality reduction, Validation and Evaluation (presentation)pdf download